Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Eye make-up tips Puffy eyes

Ever wake up with puffy eyes, the following video contains great eye make-up tips for reducing the appearance of puffy eyes.

Find even more secrets in eye colour and eye care

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eye make up tips Benefit cosmetics glamour eyes

I received the following from Benefit cosmetics as a suggested eye make up tip.

Get the look…from Benefit Cosmetics LLC

Hey, Glamour Eyes

  1. Apply a creaseless cream shadow/liner. Sweep talent brush - makeup brush over creaseless cream shadow/liner in bunny hop, so a small amount in on both sides of the brush. Apply, blending up from the lash line to the brow bone.

  1. Duster on your “extender” shade. Layering our silky powder eyeshadow in soft shoulder over your cream shadow extends your eyes, making them look bigger…that’s why it is called your “extender” shade! Sweep the flush shadow brush over the shadow so a small amount is on both sides. Starting at the outer corner of your lid, lightly blend shadow halfway in then up & out.

  1. Perfect your lashes. Lift, lengthen & curl lashes to perfection with get bent lash - mascara, a rich black mascara. It’s a whole new angle on mascara.

  1. Now, the finishing touches! Dust on a flush with thrrrob, a pulse-racing pink face powder. All of our famous box o’ powders include a brush for easy application.

  1. Finish with a slick of lipstick. Apply a neutral lipstick that’s sheer with buildable coverage, like our silky-finish lipstick in a creamy plum brown shade like good-to-go.
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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Eye make up tips - caring for your eyes

One aspect of eye make-up, is ensuring you are looking after your eyes. The eye area can easily become infected or sore, if proper care isn't taken with make-up.

Make-up does expire and this is particularly important with eye-make-up, which should be discarded after three months. If you develop an eye infection, discard all your eye-make up that has been applied immediately prior to developing the infection and start again. Never share your make-up with anyone else and avoid using make-up testers in stores.

If you are prone to allergy, only try one new product at a time. If you find an allergy, check the ingredients and keep track of what may be causing the allergy.

Ensure your face and eyelids are thoroughly cleansed before applying make-up and ensure you don't cover the oil glands of the upper and lower eyelid as these oil secretions protect the eye surface.

If you are prone to dry eyes, avoid powder eye-shadow and glitter, as these flakes can easily cause irritation, by getting onto the tear duct.

Ensure you remove all eye-make-up at night, especially mascara, as this can lead to irritation and infection.

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Friday, 2 May 2008

Eye make up tips - Spring look

Saw this great video for spring look eye make-up tips.

Using fresher colors adds a distinct definition and clarity to your eye

Recommended products:

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

eye make up tips - applying eye liner

Here is a short video on eye make up tips about applying eyeliner.

Stila Convertible Lash + Line ( Dual Ended Mascara & Liquid Eye Liner ) - # 06 Navy

This is a great duo combination Eye liner & mascara in navy packaged in same wand. Adds definition & dimension to eyes Leaves your eyes looking bigger & more glamorous.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

eye make up tips eyebrows

Welcome to eye make up tips the entry today is about the eyebrows.

Eyebrows are the frame around the eye and more importantly the whole face. Careful grooming and well-defined eyebrows add considerable strength to the face, in addition to being attractive. Used carefully, an eyebrow pencil can open up the face meaning that less make-up is required elsewhere. A well shaped eyebrow can help lift deep set eyes and maximise small eyes.

Ensure your eyebrows have been plucked. It is better to do this after a bathing as the pores will be open and removing hairs less painful.

Pluck eyebrows in a diagonal direction towards the ears, let the tail of the brows slightly extend beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Be sure when plucking that the eyebrows are not over arched, as this rounding will create a permanent look of amazement.

Brows should be filled to cover any permanent of temporary bald patches and to provide a stronger more defined finish to the eyebrows. Before starting to apply the pencil, comb the eyebrows and do so once again, very lightly after completing application.

Applying a natural shape and definition is achieved by using the pencil with feather light strokes. Increasing pressure on application will determine the final shade achieved. Blend the color carefully into the eyebrows and remove any unwanted marks.

If the color application is too harsh, apply a neutralising powder on the brow, this will also set the eyebrows.

A great eyebrow pencil is the Collection 2000 Black eyebrow pencil

At the review centre this product has achieved the following rating:

Average Ratings
Ease of Application10/10
Ease of Removal10/10
Value for Money8/10
Overall rating9/10

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